Cork Pops: Perfect Temp Electronic Thermometer

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Perfect Temp Electronic Thermometer
Perfect Temp Electronic Thermometer
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    Maximize the flavours of your wine by drinking at the correct temperature for that wine. Did you know that Red wine should be enjoyed at room temperature - not a room in a centrally heated house but a room in a castle! The Perfect Temperature Electronic Wine Thermometer takes away all the guesswork!

    4 simple pre-set settings to assure that your reds, rose wines, whites, and sparkling wines are served at the perfect temperature. Easy to use, turn the unit on and place the probe inside the bottle. If you want to use one of the recommended settings select your choice and place the wine in the fridge or in the room as required. The LCD then displays the actual wine temperature at all times as well as the target temperature. When the two temperatures meet the red light is replaced by a green light and the wine is ready to serve. Easy to use, and a fun gift for the wine lover who has everything.

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